Understanding stands before us all

Like a wall

Imposing, defining, intimidating

A high wall, unclear heights

A thick wall, almost impossible to penetrate

A hard wall, with harsh demands,

It stretches from horizon to horizon

Sunrise to sunset;

Yet, another man rises up to challenge, to grasp,

In awe he quietly stares in troubled amazement;

While so many others just walk back and forth

And just ignore the ominous presence

Willfully blinded by the grip of invisible darkness,

Human nature fallen into its secure snare,

Treated as an inconvenience at worst.

But for this awakening soul now is the time

Today is the day

As written, as read and as heard spoken;

Spiritual revelation rains down from above

Enters the spirit, ascends to the mind and emotions

Hands learn to lift in prayer

To simply talk to the “Greatness” that listens

Needs of hunger, thirst, emptiness, freedom

Then, a single door opens along this wall,

One man, one woman at a time walk through it

And, what can be said?

What can be done but learn to worship the Lord of all Creation

To begin to offer a life of thanksgiving

Through the sacrifice of self,

The discovery of greater treasures in life

Things unheard of before

Not even imagined as a child,

As wisdom descends from Heaven and settles in a new heart

The Spirit of Life overcomes common human nature, base human effort,

New Life in all its beauty and divine essence, captivating aroma

Rich understanding grows, soars above earthly barriers as good seed

Becomes the first fruit of Heavenly knowledge

Rises up high as a towering, powerful tree,

Many will begin to seek refuge beneath its branches

Shade from the merciless sun

Comfort from the struggles and conflicts of humanity;

These ones now are poised on Heavenly tiptoes

For greater revelations still to come

In a new heaven and a new earth

And to see the face of our Lord and King,

To look upon the Holy One in our eternal peace.