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A child skips through the flowers

Innocent children run through fields of tall grass

Laughter and shouting surround

Even fun songs trumpet from their mouths,

The enthusiasm of God’s children rules this lush garden

A sensitive place of kindness and assurance

An “oasis of peace” in the desert world;

Seen by too few as a good stretch of caring

Where tenderness expresses a gentle touch;

Love reigns supreme here

Just as New Jerusalem one day to be revealed

Just as the radiant Spirit of Messiah atop Mount Zion

Sovereign in power and authority!

The unshakeable destiny of our God, unstoppable,

All rebels, all the stubborn ones who resist

Given to foolishness and dark appetites

Will be swept away like dust

Carried away in the swift winds of sudden judgment

Cast as refuse into a pile of waste

The tragedy of mankind

Those who forever reject the “Hand of Truth”,

The spike-pierced “Hand of Love” held out from above!

The Anointed One walked the Earth to save

To deliver, to gather all His own like a flock,

And to crush the enemy of life;

And, even now-

Who will follow this Shepherd of Eternal Peace?

Who will walk the radiant narrow road of Truth

That leads to God’s Temple of living jewels,

His “Forever Garden” of Majesty,

His flowers of unspoken everlasting beauty?