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Love runs so much deeper

Like the greater oceans beneath the Earth’s surface

And as many hidden rivers that roar;

True love embraces the human spirit

Tenderly wraps about the heart

With gentleness always upon the soul,

The body honored

Hands of kindness touch the human frailty;

Pure care given to the one so loved!

The eternal wealth of a human being

Valued as a vessel, a  prized disciple of their Redeemer, their Lord;

Known as a friend, even as a lover

As a stranger or a foreigner far off,

True love generously gives and receives with thanksgiving.

All done with Holy Spirit wings of freedom

That glide as angels from the Throne Room,

Powerful inner discipline showered upon the earth,

Encouraging, settling in protective strength about another one so loved.

In quiet moments two or three drawn together

As servants of such love, rare wealth within

Though difficult to find,

This true love that runs much deeper than the soul

Steadfastness a gift, forgiveness lived out in hand with discernment

Learned from day to day

Grows as knowledge from above grows within,

Understanding of greater things in life through faith

Greater heavenly purposes revealed in hope

Greater lasting meaning in our lives as we walk His walk of love.