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Never a quitter

Never to fold up the tent and walk away

Or turn our back on a friend,

A brother or sister

Bought by Royal Blood

So long ago, on the Cross.

The most fierce warrior ever to walk the Earth

Triumph and victory the clothes He wore that day

In most zealous fervor, determined commitment

Covenant honor to His Father

Covenant love for all creation

His family, His mother’s sons and daughters

His disciples, His Apostles

His Israel, His Jerusalem!

We walk in His footsteps as the Shepherd leads us

We will never turn away to the right or to the left

But with hearts poured out, we follow Him with all our being;

Each step taken, each breath drawn in,

Each pulse of every heartbeat.

Steadfast love carries us on with perseverance in great endurance

From impossible to impossible made possible by our God

Our victorious walk of faith

Through cities, through the countryside

Through wars in the spiritual realm

Through earthly battlefields

A taste of victory always in our mouths

Triumph over human weaknesses

From strength to strength our footsteps carry on

In greatest confidence

Until we stand before our Savior’s Throne,

Hand in hand with many known and unknown friends

Arms linked in loving praise

Voices roar together as that Lion does;

We will finish what was started by each

Never, ever will we quit the victory over the world we now taste

The strength and power of our Lord now experienced

Always at our side!


new book- “Aaron and Nathaniel, Two Stories For God’s Children”