Miracles of our God lived out

Truth- Presence within where there was none,

Peace within when there was none

Love within where there was fear and hate

Light instead of darkness

Good instead of evil;

We know our past

Remember well where we once stood,

Who we thought we were!

But now a supernatural, miracle  life lived out

As the Shepherd guides us

A human life transformed

Even in impossible circumstances,

But the Lord was there doing His work of love;

Two becoming one in lasting beauty.

What the mind could not believe

The soul longed for,

The intuitive spirit knew the lack,

Then the Lord of Hosts worked all things out;

Our Savior did!

Much later more challenges to face

Hurdles to soar over, pitfalls to overcome

People to love, people to avoid

Encouragement to give out

Times to draw near, times to reach out

Hope always to deepen as an anchor

Even in times of persecution

From those thought of as friends;

But in heartache we are not alone,

You are always near

Our glorious end seen from the beginning.