Prayerful communion

All hearts and souls laid bare before the Lord,

Carried on tender steams of His Spirit,

Incense of peace radiates from within us, from His hands,

A celebration in a feast of love breaks out

Tables of thanksgiving set with the Best

Each stunning Gift from above lived out

Placed as a living sacrifice before our Holy One;

All that has become, by the hands of the Shepherd’s love,

From rich green pastures

To clear, clean waters.

A calming , light breeze moves steadily

As soothing aroma of His kindness in the air

Delight in the Lord from the very beginning

Has grown into lasting worship as a fountain of joy,

Prayers always heard by the Father

Prayers of faith always answered;

Love has won this New Day

A race we have long run in His perfecting Way!

The finish line long ago crossed

As His Bride

We celebrate our King, our eternal marriage

This Day without a setting sun

This day without fading beauty.