Death is swallowed forever by Life

Salvation in eternity by the power of Yeshua’s authority alone;

Satan crushed, Lucifer broken

The dark veil of the father of lies torn apart, shredded

The evil one destined for fire;

Heaven’s absolute rule over all creation

Stands true from the beginning of time,

The future only His to give

Every created soul, a unique spirit breathed into a unique body

From strong and beautiful Adam and Eve on.

Oh, the glorious triumph of the Cross

Servant of all Jews to fulfill the Law and promises to Patriarchs

Lamb of Redemption for all gentiles,

Most powerful victory ever resounds

Trumpeted as dead saints came to life celebrating that very moment,

Walked from tombs in honor of their Savior,

Days later they walked among faithful ones in villages and cities

In thunderous and dynamic display

A holy witness for the Holy One.

Those with eyes to see and ears to hear

Stood speechless as something beyond words had happened

They did not understand

But later worshiped in Spirit and in Truth,

As we do today

Their Savior, our Savior

Their Messiah and Shepherd

Our Messiah and Shepherd

All in a foretaste for the world of what is to come!