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What has just flown through our hands and fingers

Seemingly lost forever,

Love has missed the chance

A door once open, now shut

The late decision, to step out in faith

As a dove flies far away in the distance,

The gift meant to freely share

Held back in hesitation, as anxiety or fear ruffled the hair

Distracted the mind, troubled the thoughts.

And now my heart is perplexed

What should have been, faded like sunlight at dusk;

Oh the pain of heartache

Even distant memories come back to taunt,

Worse thoughts of selfish, clumsy hands holding flowers

The desire for the scent of beauty

To embrace the aroma, the fragrance of a fleeting moment;

Now the knees bow, the head lowers in repentance…

Once more in humility before God who forgives

The Holy One, the patient One.

When the guilt lifts, inner change continues

What condemns flies away as but another startled bird

Yet, the memory can linger and a scar can form.

The mind is a marvel at the  least

One thing triggers another, thoughts multiply then are calmed

The countenance brightens, unspoken questions settled;

But nothing was offered in obedience, nothing gained,

A lost chance to honor the Lord in faithfulness.

But God crowns the future with circumstances,

Sovereignty His pleasure worked out,

The past moment disappears, “now” is covered by the peace of forgiveness

Our God who is the Lord of “now”

Reaches out in kindness with healing balm

Wipes my tears, gives me understanding as needed

Gives me strength and comfort, tender mercy

Along with wisdom and power to move on and discern the Way.

To live out this new life, to shine brightly for any and all

Pure love covers, a clean heart works again with clean hands

Such knowledge of our Shepherd, the merciful One

Who is always ready with a second chance!