First love of a lifetime

Within eternal love, found in a lifetime of search;

The heart has listened and learned from the Holy Father

To seek, to hunger and thirst for Truth in meaning

For good purpose in life,

Bread that lasts forever

Bread that does not dry up or mold

And go the way of the world, the earth;

Safely hidden in a secret place

A protected place, invisible and secure fortress

Living Hope deep down inside

Messiah’s Holy Spirit within warm and golden;

Most confident protection wrapped about by very strong arms

The breath of angels soothes in comfort,

Rich atmosphere of Heaven’s peace

Guards always with anointed oil of joy, healing balm,

Such love that compels faith in action

A guided life spent in service

Living sacrifice offered, in the greatest calling fulfilled,

As numberless children wilted in the day’s heat

While fruit withered on the vine

From the scorching winds of the earth, the merciless world,

The wicked at war, always one against another

True beauty in life degraded, trampled into the street,

Until One Savior triumphs!

Harsh forces destroy the fragrant blossoms

Make bitter the souls of the young

Unclean fires that constantly burn;

And so many eyes have wept dry.

Lord of heaven and earth at the end of patience

Yet, Kingdom love compels

Deeper than any ocean, higher than all mountains

Words are spoken, a remnant is saved,

Tireless disciples on the move

A steadfast, fearless army that marches

Powerful weapons of the Spirit

And many are plucked from the fire,

Salvation reigns supreme until time runs out.

Then, streaks of Light will surge beyond the Universe

Hot coals fly from before the Throne

Terrifying shouts and roars follow

All the Earth trembles and violently shakes

And the old will be changed into the new.