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New Life from the Breath of Heaven

Most Royal Eternal Words spoken

Spirit Life flows out from the very mouth of God,

Sharpest golden arrows of pure fire fly from the Throne of Holiness,

Every target of deepest purpose and meaning,

Each one pierced through the heart!

All Creation by the hands and work of the Creator;

All things by Him and for Him!

The Living Word revealed to man

Life spoken by the “Word made flesh”,

And who now hears

Who really hungers and listens for Truth

Who yearns for understanding of human purpose

Who longs for earthly meaning in this uncaring, unfriendly, indifferent world?

Vessels of Holy Spirit authority go forth

Servants of the power of true love

As the God of Love daily reaches out

Seeks to reveal salvation to all mankind!

Heavenly passion awakens in another

New freedom to approach the Holy God

To daily begin to discover the unsearchable treasures

Riches beyond any man’s reach,

Set far apart from every woman’s heart

But now made known

Seen in our Shepherd

Seen in the Lamb of God

Seen in the King of Israel,

The King of all true Jews;

And now seen and heard in the Body of Messiah

The remnant living Church,

His servants and children

Who carry the wisdom of our Father

As a pure Spirit seal of His Life upon our foreheads,

Just like Paul, just like Peter

And all the many Kingdom brothers and sisters.

A farmer walks through his fields

The ground dry and weed covered;

He shakes his head and simply says-

“How long should I put up with you,

How long should I stay with you?”

Then prays- “Father, in wrath remember mercy”.