By your strength, oh Lord

Lord, your strength alone;

The mind struggles with the heart

And the heart with the mind,

Because of the task ahead

The work required

The jobs needed to be done,

The Lord of the Harvest calls

And I quickly answer

For the work in the Spirit that waits,

What is impossible for man

But possible for God!

As faith bridges the greatest divide

A cry comes from within-

“Increase our faith , our Lord!”

Wisdom sees the circumstances woven throughout our nation

The invisible battles raging

Forces entangled with ruthless serpents

That hunger to destroy any good;

What the soul trembles over

As the cost of commitment

Zeal in the Spirit to say and do what is right,

Faithful obedience to the Captain of the Hosts from above.

The human spirit surges forth, empowered, enabled

With the body following,

In another day of winter chill

Clouds hang low, heavy over the earth,

The sunlight is dim,

Just a few others seen walking about

Bundled up in the Midwestern cold, briskly moving ahead

Eyes kept inward, fixed on the Spirit Lord;

My prayers trickle out

Then flood from within me

They reach high above to the Throne of Grace

For His help, hand of favor,

Again prayers in the Holy Spirit, a new language flows,

A warm blanket of love and assurance settles upon my footsteps.

A calming peace covers as my Lord always remains True

A splendid standing pool of crystal clear water before His Throne,

Unshaken, always unshaken

With a new day to walk with our Lord,

Whether an underground church

Or a home fellowship

Or an encounter with a few to counsel and to pray with,

Each healing step forward in trust and confidence,

Thanksgiving goes before

And thanksgiving follows after,

Fruitfulness of the remnant in America

Never to be denied!

Our Lord Messiah “who makes the dawn and the sunset shout for joy”

Walks at our side

As clearly written over and over for all to see and hear

As clearly lived out with those with ears to hear

And eyes to see,

The Lord of the Harvest is always at His work

Whether in North Korea, Pakistan or India,

Or even Mystery Babylon America!