The persecuted ones in a lifting,  powerful anthem

Their lives shine more brightly

As Holy Waters poured out freely

Abundantly upon a massive, ancient altar Rock

Place of sacrificial love, place of lasting honor;

Each name as a banner held up high

Beautiful names written in silver and gold

Stars as jewels by each name pulse with vibrant life

Winds of the Spirit catch each banner like a gust on a sail

The sky ships carry the names very high indeed,

Even many souls from unknown places on Earth-

Villages and farmlands easily forgotten

Jungles and grasslands from far off nations

Mountains and deserts rarely seen,

Tiny corners of huge sprawling cities

Even those where Satan lives and rules,

Where darkness pretends to reign as light.

Wickedness covers itself with religious robes

Trample the gentle ones as “Nicolaitans” did

They crush the tender souls of the willing

As seeds forced into the hard ground

Stiff boots that press down and kick dirt while spitting and worse.

But a new creation, a new world rests within each one

“Seed of Promise” within the body just sown,

Heavenly hands have worked the difficult soil

Scraped and tilled the ground

They water the precious seed;

A fresh breath of Holy Fire upon them all

“Love stronger than death” a holy angelic chant!

Eventually songs of worship rise from he earth

Meet the countless angels high above

Together in a chorus, a dance in eternal celebration

Triumph in life that is True Life.

Loud thunder roars as a river that moves deeply through the earth

Leaps and gushes from broad valleys, then out above highest mountains

Up into the very heavens,

High above both heaven and earth.

The moments of persecution forgotten

All suffering and painful thoughts removed

As the kind Hand of Eternity wipes away every trace of every tear,

Every trace of every priceless drop of human blood shed,

For they remained faithful

“Even to the point of death”.