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To begin to look upon His Greatness

While the Kingdom of Light waits patiently,

The “Messianic Kingdom Prayer”- pure desire and holy longing,

Our Rock of all confidence

Majestic Light of Glory

Revelation of abundant Life in Him alone;

Oh, to look upon His Greatness in humility,

One creature before his Creator

An object of mercy before the King.

Another “woman at the well” given the Spirit of Grace

Just as Adam and Eve saved from the very beginning

Pulled from the fires of justice

Rescued, lifted high above common human frailty

Carried gently in the Spirit winds of love

Brought before the Throne of grace and mercy.

Fallen men and fallen women

Saved from inherited weaknesses,

Empowered, saved from all lies and deception, from self and Lucifer

Kept by God for Himself;

The impossible made possible

For all generations that follow

Miracle authority of redemption foreknown

Then lived out on earth

As angels bowed in sorrow,

Knelt in anguish before the Father’s Throne.

Their Lord in human form,

The eternal sacrifice of love

As a baby, as a child, a youth who grew in favor

A man in practical work, as a carpenter, eldest brother

A man who stood tall in complete faithfulness and responsibility.

Though once lifted on a Roman Cross,

Carried high above by His Holy Spirit’s Words of His Father!

Approachable greatness revealed

In Truth of humility and obedience,

The same for all

So that we too can look upon our Messiah’s Majestic Greatness.