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He’s lost in a large city in America

Wanders aimlessly in a bitter sea of uncaring people,

Dilemma of self, snare of self,

Unrecognizable places, some even with gilded entry ways

Huge buildings as crystal caverns hot and humid;

A cry for help grows and rises slowly from within

Forms on dry cracked lips

Groans from unknown depths of human need

Weariness, a thirst of heart and mind

A heavy burden on the body weighs down,

Everywhere the scorching wind of common deceit

Falsehood blows about as the stinging dust of the earth,

The spirit of a man withers, more dry cracks form,

A confused maze of the works of men and women all about.

At mind’s end, strength of will gone

Self turned inside and out,

Long forgotten thoughts return-

A dream from childhood

A stranger’s religious words heard somewhere on television

An old neighbor woman who talked always about her Savior…

Seemingly at death’s threshold, hands and arms reach out

In total surrender the body and soul bows very low;

Suddenly, drops of rain fall

Somehow a cleansing rain from heaven showers down

Pure waters upon the head and soul and spirit

It runs down the scraggly beard and messy hair into the mind and heart

New life where there was none

Eyes can now begin to see, ears can start to hear,

An eternal Spirit Voice at home within!

Most intimate fountain of counsel and communion

Covenant tastes and drink well up,

A God who loves, who loves me, too

Who speaks Words of peace,

Our God alive in this, our country,

Cares for all of America

All of us, for me and for you!