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The most pleasant laughter carried on Spirit winds

Happiness in the most powerful Words of Heaven

The Lightness of joy flutters its wings

Gladness at being truly alive

In Him and through Him

The work of the Father

As we are led and controlled by the Holy Spirit of Messiah

Eternal freedom given birth in the gracious Gift of our Lord.

Our Counselor moves in the power and authority of King Yeshua

Revealed in more than what can just be seen or heard,

Love given to heal

Love given to breathe peace within

Love given to empower

Love given to make wise and strong

Greater love that gives new birth to the human spirit,

New Kingdom birth of Eternal Life.

Authority held to shake off and drive away all spiritual darkness

Even the “evil one” and his failed army;

Authority held in the Greatest Name

To share Gospel Words of Light and Life to one another

And to watch as the power from above

Settles on and within this man or woman,

Creative revelation of new life

Given freely to a new Kingdom child!

Continual proof of Rock solid peace,

The deepest experience of indwelling peace lifts and carries securely

His Presence literally within;

The Majesty of Royal beauty

The beauty of the King’s face we see

Knowledge of His Glory soon to be revealed

Forever in our Savior.

Just as the crystal river of life flows from the Throne of New Jerusalem

Healing all it touches,

So joy in salvation blossoms with smiles

Most beautiful fragrances

Most wonderful aromas of happiness on the gentle breezes

Pure laughter shared by all in goodness

Gratefulness in thanksgiving for sharing His Resurrection Life,

Always in reverence before our God!