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They walk in faithfulness

Light of eternity beautiful in their eyes

Covered with Messiah’s peace in heavenly trust on earth

Clothed finely in confidence while in this world

Filled with assurance

Secure in abundance.

A Father’s pure and jealous love watches over each step

Each breath, each heartbeat,

Absolute Divine Sovereignty rules

No detail left for worldly chance

Or Lucifer’s game players

Dark pretenders who spin false control.

Precious in His sight, priceless in His blazing fire eyes;

Mountains melt like wax

The entire Earth trembles with a mere glance

All winds and ocean currents made silent and still

As one daughter takes a first step, then another new step

One child of the King moves out in steadfast faith

Now led in life by the Holy Spirit of God

In love, in relationships, in work, in business, in family matters

In all growth and maturity

An attractive tower of strength sculpted in lasting inner beauty

Body, soul and spirit made complete

Raised up in the sight of all

An example for many others, even on this very day!