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Aroma of Messiah all about

Fragrance of Life a far reaching bright cloud before and trailing after

Richest atmosphere of revelation of Divine knowledge

Light gives birth to more Light

In Heaven’s righteous law of abundance,

Lovingly draws near another child so chosen

One who believed and received

Mysterious Tree of Life a longing come true

Continual feast at the richly scented table of delight

Bowed as Miriam at the Master’s feet those early days

Greatest pleasure of inner being,

Its perfumed essence revealed, carried along in gentle Spirit winds.

Once the Glory Light on the face of most humble Moses

Divine Words carried, written on stone,

Now eternal glory of the Holy Spirit

Written on this yearning youthful heart,

She moves in triumphal procession in Yeshua

Small gate of His Cross, our cross

Controlling grip of blind fallen human nature broken at last;

Now the narrow road of perseverance and endurance made known

Along with Heaven’s joy a gift fully received,

Fragrance of Life carries to distant shores

Covers mountains, things too wonderful

Described without human words

Greatness revealed in the greatness of our God;

A royal train follows royalty into the golden Temple of His Love

Gemstones, jewels sparkle all about, jewels that sing,

Even “Jewish Jewels ” sing as angels.

Thundering songs of worship rumble with voices of praise,

Hushed reverence as she enters

Another daughter of Eve, faithful as many others

From a remote part of the forgotten earth,

This daughter of Jerusalem offers the sacrifice of thanksgiving

Another woman brings pure honor before the Throne

“Seat of Authority”,  One who dwells with the aroma of approachable  Light.