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As the light waves of energy of a new day

Begin to wash down in rhythm

A good flow with a Divine gentle breeze,

My hands reach for the “Written Word”

Holy Spirit written through the hands of men so long ago

Holy Spirit anointing now given freely to read and to understand,

The “Daily Bread” spoken of so often

Clearly in the prayers of those who hunger and thirst for Truth!

Though men at times have muddied the clear waters

Changing words and phrases, coloring with fickle human colors,

The pure scrolls have been kept pure

Spirit discernment reigns, given by the One above all;

For the only Way of Life to be now revealed,

Made known to the humble men and women of generations

The poor in human spirit who embrace the Gospel

As spoken, as shared and as often read,

Children of the Holy Father enlightened

With radiance from His Majestic Throne.

The written Word reaches very far

Golden arrows, silver tips with keen sharpness

Fly from the Third Heaven

Always hit their target at the proper time

In the proper circumstances;

The radiance of the Holy Name reaches very far

Enters  many hearts and lives

Pierces with purest heavenly Light throughout the selfish world,

Then indwells, raises up all who are bowed in graceful humility

Chosen ones from every language and nation

All who walk the Narrow Road as Messiah showed and taught as recorded,

Even Israel’s eternal Prince of Peace.

We stand with Him at the shoreline of eternity

Shown much of the end from the beginning,

Great oceans flood over the land,

But we are like the endless grains of sand

And the numberless stars of galaxies.

We daily celebrate our oneness with the Bread of Life from Heaven

The “Word made flesh”,

His written Word in hand our delight

Prayers in fellowship flow upwards

His Holy Spirit within our hearts,

We are enabled and empowered to stand strong and free

Equipped to walk this world

For another day of wonder and beauty

With our Savior near, our salvation in hands of confidence,

Holy Words on our hearts

Holy Words on our tongue, from  our lips

Holy Words held in our hands!