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The honesty of true love

As crystal clear liquid flows freely

Like the bold message written across the heavens

Throughout the Milky Way on a dazzling night of awe,

Stars seem to throb with truth

To pulse with the single message dramatically shown

In the purest motives of all creation

Made by Holy Hands of Peace,

All meant to give and receive the same

To more than reflect as a mirror

But to carry the measure given to us close to the heart

Even sacrificial love,

Then to offer it freely as it was received;

The simple beauty of the majesty of being alive

To walk a His vessels in the Light of God’s reality,

Living Light revealed through His Son

For all to see

All to know

All to believe and experience

Then to live each day in true love of life

Planting and sowing good seeds

Seeds of God’s Spirit of giving and receiving,

To move joyfully in the streams of all creation

To celebrate the abundant steam of the Shepherd’s love

To reach out and touch the very hands

Of our Maker and eternal Friend,

Our King with the glitter of stars about His Throne.