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Child of the “father of lies”

Corrupted from before birth,

A fatal wound healed

Raised into consuming darkness;

Chosen to lay a seductive blanket of deceit

Over a  most willing world,

Just as that falling star crashes to the earth

Destined as well for eternal torment prepared,

The quickened sharp sword, fires made ready.

Lake of fire, for eternal justice

Where self and everything corrupt and rotten

Most naked darkness clothed in lies

Falsehood that arrogantly paraded about as enlightened truth

Every last bit of evil nature, of fallen angels to be displayed,

As they languish forever on their bed of suffering,

So eagerly, so naturally chosen.

The world of nations in orchestrated turmoil

Swept up in poverty of body and soul

So many desperate for comfort, any comfort

Doors to households and entire countries thrown wide open

Defenseless hearts and minds cling, cleave in delight

To what forcefully eats from within

Consumes the very soul

And then destroys the spirit.

The “lawless one” struts in pride

Arrogant words flow out in sublime intellect,

Even an image, an idol raised in the mountain temple;

As Satan pulls his many strings

More controlling words pour forth,

Nations and languages in reverent submission.

Religions all bow, celebrate with a seal of  a false rebirth

Human effort the ready slave;

The few who resist, driven out

Chased down by a destroyer’s hand,

Guillotines wait just out of sight.

A kingdom with ten horns as Prophet Daniel wrote,

Ten dominions folded into one new kingdom;

All the human machinery of earthly power and digital control celebrated

Layer upon layer of greedy players

Bowed before pulsing darkness pretending as light;

Mighty Lucifer, prince of deceit

The king of lawlessness and his lawless one,

With all his lawless ones as a vast royal entourage spread far and wide

Rampage about the earth for a short season of self-destruction

A window of three and a half long years

Until all the Holy Words are fulfilled

And the Earth is finally cleansed!

Hell simply enlarges its mouth and throat

Waits and then welcomes the gorging on endless human flesh.