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Rain falls upon the dry earth

As deep groans of thirst reach high above

Hunger cries out as well without any tears left

Vessels aimlessly wait

As the bodies slowly whither,

Loneliness pains the heart

Confusion torments the mind

Winds from all directions come against,

Then, the sun begins once more to bake and scorch;

Insane wars in the distance

Futile war close to home

And the battle of the mind rages on,

Hopelessness is crushed by greater despair.

And nothing is left,

Depressing emptiness numbs the soul

The very end seems to scrape away at your flesh;

Unheard footsteps approach

Suddenly, a warm hand touches a cold heart

A hand of unknown mercy in kindness draws near

And the God of Compassion moves once more.

Useful human needs rise always from the four corners of the world,

The Earth drowns with a new flood,

A flood of unbelief

Waves of stubborn rebellion

And yet, the Hand of Grace still reaches out

And takes hold of one child here

Another few over there

Humans near and humans far away,

Our Maker moves across a land, across a nation

Across the seas and oceans into all the places

Mountains and islands alike,

Cities where human needs steadily waste away.

A remnant is pulled out of the depths

Gathered together, cleaned, fed

Useful servants clothed with Truth

Disciples  established by the Light of a New Day,

A New Day, an eternally rich Day

When the Way of Truth in Life is fully revealed,

To each and every child

Messiah’s Holy Spirit abundantly made known.