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Our needs grow beyond self

As the soul searches for a way,

The heart nearly breaking

Reaches out for help

Tears and anguish

Often inner turmoil,

Love grasped, then lost

Comfort so fragile, collapses in a heap

Sometimes in quiet, lonely desperation,

Longing and yeaning just worn out!

A woman finally bows to the Way

A man humbles himself in quiet, simple prayer,

After stumbling and mumbling along

As a small child in tears

Life in this world simply too overwhelming,

Like a flood that nearly covers

Or flames of fire ready to consume.

The God of Sovereignty watches

Lord of Mercy listens fully

Even the One who sees the end from the beginning,

He always reaches out in compassion

“Knows what we are made of”

And “remembers we are but dust”;

Messiah feels the pain and suffering that washes about

The constant torment of humanity.

Long ago He stepped from His Throne

To embrace His Cross for us,

To “swallow death for all time”;

His hands are more than able

Power  ready to raise a man from the thick mud

Authority to free a woman from an impossible snare.

Human needs of every kind the reason

An earthly catalyst, a gracious push

The Shepherd’s eternal mercy with kindness in action

Intimate revelation given of personal worth in His sight,

Each precious one

No child ever forgotten.