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Hope nearly drawn out,

Many stumble on vain and selfish worldly temptations

Trip on imaginations, longings grasped for

While the world goes on and on and on

And darkness continues its deceptive boisterous parade

Puppet leaders at the head,

Arrogance and deception loudly celebrated by most,

Sensuous pleasures to pacify.

The silver cord is drawn very thin indeed

Even as the patience of our God!

His plan of eternal perfection

Before Adam and Eve in wisdom

Infinite tender grasp of each human being

Each step, each breath

Each word, every thought,

Sovereign rule over even the darkest “fallen ones”;

Hell always stands watching, waiting

As Hades lustfully enlarges its throat,

The Lake of Fire, the second death to come, beyond description!

Our Savior has spoken

All Godly work made completely known

Secrets of the Cross lay bare

Crystal clear secrets of the Kingdom of Light

Revealed openly before all nations

Even Israel at the beginning and at the end,

As all humanity from all times will kneel and bow without excuse.

The most beautiful cloud will rise in a twinkle

And merge with the purest Light from Heaven

Our radiant Redeemer towers powerfully

As He descends to greet His Flock of Love

His own family purchased at the greatest possible price

His Royal Blood of Life for life

The God who is Love made known;

At the sound of the seventh trumpet, the ones washed clean all spring to life

Bodies formed and transformed

With those still in body vessels, the chosen fly far above the Earth,

Time or timing never the controlling factor

Never the consuming purpose.