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Trust Me with each breath

Surely another will freely come

Just as clean air moves in the winds

God’s rain falls in time

Yes, trust with each small breath

Another will soon be given,

For a woman who waits alert in confidence

A man who stands watchful, assured the same,

Love will flow

In a stream that only grows,

Oh, true love will flow!

A groom bows in faithful prayer

Then stands strong in open praise

His heart soars high above the clouds,

What more can he say;

In pure worship a bride reaches out

Tenderness with a woman’s gentle transparent beauty

Heart so very sincere, wonderful integrity in a new song

With sharp sensitivity she longs for the Way that works, Messiah’s Way;

True love will soon give new birth

Love will show in beautiful fulfillment

With whitest gowns that cover purely,

Hearts in covenant  are bared so easily

No shame ever passes by

No doubts can wonder “Why?”

When two are in love

Their  children can more than play

When two are finally in love

Restful trust fills in every way

Lasting freedom stretches its wings

Flies as no other rises above

Divine blessings shower as the sun’s rays to say-

“Your prayers are always heard and answered

My graceful goodness

Will be your Seal of Peace,

Upon each step together,

Each breath you both take,

For you my children of faith and trust

Will live fully my abundance in marriage

As you only grow stronger

Each rich and splendid day given to share.”