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Children walk in enthusiasm through a great field

Expanse of wildflowers in explosive bloom

Yellows and blues and reds

Even orange and purple and scarlet,

Trees here and there budded out, sway melodically in the gentle wind,

Two excited adult children in their own special garden

For a moment, for eternity

Loved carried as fragrance in this peaceful wind

The aroma of eternal beauty rises tenderly

Assurance, comfort together

Fresh encouragement together

With the thrill, the challenge, the adventures ahead;

Much goodness along with daily troubles promised

Growth and endurance, hope throughout,

Personal character truly matured.

A narrow path of prayer is laid out,

Paths drawn certainly together from above

Footsteps intermingled, sovereignly ordered

One righteous path together established.

In one, his hand stronger, more decisive, protective

In one, her hand softer, more agile, more sensitive

One body out of two miraculously joined in delight,

The shared desire to always love first

To honor the Author of Life first,

Living Bread and wine, purest food and drink

What sustains the will, their new heavenly food.