A cloud of dust far below the stars, swirls about

Irritates the eyes

Disturbs the senses

Ties little knots in the mind

Aggravates the emotions of your soul

Twisted thoughts that swirl with repeated confusion,

Negative things, borderline destructive things

Memories of the past

Relationships and circumstances

Goodness taken hold of, goodness lost

Foolishness pursued, stumbled over often.

But now, the Name,

The Name above all dwells within

Greatness beyond this Earthly realm

What the world does not understand

Nor does it ever want to,

As well as those enslaved by the world,

What those who belong to the world will never desire to embrace;

The Name is spoken within the spirit

Where an Eternal Light now glows

A divine Gift from above;

The pure Light brightens the soul

Even radiates from the body

As heavenly Spirit Wind chases away every demon

Darkness of the “fallen one” flees the only True Light,

It always does, it always will.

The human spirit celebrates new birth

The mind and soul become cleansed of lies

Free of guilt and all fears

All thoughts taken captive as written in the Book,

The Holy Presence becomes Peace within

Rises from the place of eternal rest

Forever before the King’s Throne,

The Father’s Gift of freedom

The rescue wrapped in beauty about the Word spoken

Emmanuel our Present from our Creator

“The Word made flesh”-

Messiah Yeshua.