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One day, while at work

I stood and watched in amazement

As slowly, high up in the sky

Slowly drifting to the North

The white brightness of the day trumpeting radiance,

In a surprise display of majesty

A large cloud in the classic shape of a Christmas angel

As seen on countless holiday cards-

The long robe, the wings, and even a halo effect,

The image was simply drifting along the peaceful Sedona heights,

Nearly above the iconic tourist Chapel;

I stared, then wondered who else was seeing

Who might also take a few moments to notice and truly look

To lift their eyes away from the common tourist things

The many dramatic towering red rocks and rugged desert landscape.

Surely the presence of God can always be sensed

If revealed, if awakened in ones watchful and alert

Open hearts to the power of the Lord of heaven and earth

Who works in and through a human life,

Though mostly unnoticed, mostly invisible

Mostly ignored by others,

So many caught up in empty gestures

Social media in an anxious gasp at reality

A photographic stretch towards purpose

And meaning in self;

Yet so fickle, so illusive

To feed an ego

Even at another’s expense;

As the world turns

The clouds always drift by

While the Lord of Hosts, King of all angels

Reaches out in compassion

To any and all who would take His hand.

I looked with wonder and thankfulness

After trying to get others to notice,

Then watched the cloud break apart

And the moment fade away.