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Assurance as a small bird flies into a storm

With fearless abandon, confidence wrapped about

In a constant warm embrace

Finally learning how to let go of the old

And to take hold of the new;

The secret war rages on

For the mind, for the very soul.

Oh, the fierce grip of the world and its ways

Its controlling hold on the body and soul,

The mind in a cruel hand of deception

Manipulated thoughts in cause and effect,

Logic and intellect, impulse and base desires;

The struggle for the next breath of clean air

Thirst for good water for the body

Grown dry for a pure drink,

The search for healthy food in the face of hunger

Needs and emotions in a constant hunt.

With eyes never satisfied

Restless desires wash back and forth within

Beauty of youth paraded as a commodity, then fades away;

Peace in the heart as an illusion at best

Always lies just beyond the fingertips

While imaginations dance about.

Yet, the moment still cries out to be gratified, satisfied somehow

But an emptiness only returns;

The tough grip of the Earth

Pulls the heart down

Only numbs the pain of frustrations

Teases with one fear after another

Turns within as a wobbling wheel,

Death of the body always lurking

Hidden, veiled at a distance,

But springs up in an unexpected moment

A shock of the ancient reality

Coldest chill to life’s hidden meanings,

Unknown mysteries that can fulfill the illusive purpose for being.

A few cry out for secret treasure

Even search eagerly for the pearl of true lasting beauty;

Selfishness growls and strains to hold back,

Sadly the heart within can give up.

To hold tightly on to this world, a deepest deception

Fear driven, pride driven, self-possessed,

True freedom almost forever lost;

Then the Father, our Creator

Draws us near

And reveals a better Way,

The only Way that works, that truly lasts.