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Eyes look towards Heaven

The heart yearns, the soul longs

As prayers lift from the Earth

Soar from the mouths of God’s children,

In cries for mercy, deliverance and help

For meaningful lasting blessings

The needs of all humanity

Those near and those far away

For the ones Holy Spirit impressed upon the tender heart;

Arms and hands are lifted, held out in praise and worship

Humbly on knees, even some with crushed spirits.

All these prayers are carried on Holy Winds

Move throughout the Heavenly Kingdom

Resound with purest sacred echoes

Often becomes songs with eloquent melodies

As a chorus repeated by angels,

Mixed with exquisite incense, they rise near the Holy Throne;

Our Lord of Creation hears every prayer

As we daily work out our salvations

With steadfast faithfulness, in reverent fear.

Obedient footsteps walk out each unique human path

Compelled by Messiah’s love within,

We each carry our burdens of love

As the strength of peace surrounds

And finally floods he Earth;

Countless angels surge forth

Warriors with sharp swords of power in hands.

Our Yeshua so very near

Each precious footstep of obedience brings us closer

Nearer to Him in praise and thanksgiving

Nearer to one another, brothers and sisters joined in Truth

The Bride, the Family of God, the Church

All children of the Father

Who delights in every one who simply whispers a heart prayer

The beautiful scent and aroma they carry

Most delightful, most exhilarating

As the children draw near

To His Holy Presence.