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Valued more than material things

Precious within and without

In a steadfast walk together of honor and integrity

More precious than diamonds and gold

Greater than silver and inset jewels

Or any other worldly wealth,

True friendship rises high above all things

Just as the sun moves faithfully across the sky

With assuring warmth and comfort

And then sets in hope filled orderly precision;

Soothing while confidence fully embraces another day

And continues throughout another restful night the same;

Days into weeks and months

All these as seeds grown into fruitful years,

A human life that comes and goes as a force

A factor of maturing strength.

In life another colorful veil lifted to reveal goodness

Spirit things in “a friend closer than a brother”

Rich friendship like a breath of life to a man or a woman

Abundance in a deepening relationship

Even joined as one to another in covenant treasure.

Yes, a friend as one who always stands nearby

In a storm

In the summer sun

Whether at the ocean beach or climbing a rough mountain,

When the walk is easy and when it is not,

Wise eyes see beyond the horizon, glimpse the future

Look through the outward form into the heart

See eternal purpose

True meaning in friendship,

As a Living Word of commitment that carries

With faithfulness beyond the grave

And into the highest heavens!