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Pleasant sounds in the air

As a reminder

Even carried on a soothing breeze

As simple beauty stirs an honest pleasure,

What can truly satisfy a moment or two adrift

Floating along in timelessness

In an empty place where you just scratch your head

And wonder out loud-

“Where was I going; what was I doing?”

Then an innocent call from a tree branch above

High up the nearby Sycamore,

As a bird calls out suddenly with melodic sounds,

Fully catches the ears

Firmly holds  quiet the thoughts

And like a needed deep breath

Calmness settles within;

Eyes brighten

Maybe a slight smile opens up

And you are touched.

You are not alone in this conflicted, confusing world

Like a small child that wanders off

Or an adult stumbling along;

But there is much goodness all about

Like the song of a new, small friend

Or the smiles of an elderly lady at the food store

And a fellow human being in line at the Post Office.

All hold still a personal beauty

Hidden strengths just like you,

Open as well for another taste of goodness;

To watch always for little things that happen

Footsteps as sparkles in the grass

Sparkles in the common settings

Sparkles in the night sky

Sparkles of life that confirm the heart’s tug that renews-

It is good to be here

It is good to be alive

Now and in this very place, this very circumstance

All to appreciate our own uniqueness !

In God’s sight; in God’s plan

Happiness blends into thankfulness

For the people close, those far away

All with a voice

Able to sing as well, a new song with a simple melody.