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In love joined

The Bride being made ready,

The only light that shines in this dark world

Together in peaceful expectations

The comforting presence of one another

The true Church in the essence of the fragrance of life,

Each one drawn into the Holy Arms

Hearts caught up, carried in Heaven’s pure winds

Rich with the aroma of Christ,

Brought before the Father by His Son,

Spiritual Truth birthing spiritual wonders;

In Divine revelation

What human effort in imagination could not embrace,

Greatness high above, now shown to all!

The Body of Messiah who walked this Earth

Followers scattered throughout

Nations, tribes and languages, even Arabic,

Anointed, shine as the stars above

On a brilliant night

While we stand in awe and simply look

Our eyes drink in the impossible

Ten thousand dots of light

In an ocean of trillions;

As our father Abraham looked, and believed

For himself, his family and all Israel,

For the scattered tribes today

For all those gathered together the same

Made to stand as one in the Spirit

To feed upon the strength of their Lord,

Our Savior and Redeemer

Our Lord and Shepherd

Our High priest and King!