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A. Forgiven much, she loved much

     Cleansed and healed, she loves so much

     And the perfume filled the room

     As tears fall down from her eyes

     Forgiven much, now she loves much.


     Touch of Heaven, love received

     Pure Gift of love so welcome

     Becoming in His eyes

     Becoming in His eyes

     As one who now finds peace.

B. An aroma filled the place

     Beautiful thing done in love

     Encourage One soon to die

     Sweet perfume of His Presence

     Worthy the One soon to die.

C. Act of worship poured out

     Gift of love to adorn His body

     Her tears of love flow down cheeks

     Long hair wipes tears from His feet

     Gift of love, how she loves much.

D. She walks into the room

     And all she can see is You

     Her heart now before Your Throne

     Your love flows right through to her

     In peace she bows at Your feet.