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A walk in the garden of love

After a day of work, and more work

Fatigue and stress mixed with a little human anxiety,

But then a breath of heavenly fresh air

In the coolness and sweetness of the day

After the heat, and other pressures fade

Hand in hand with the Lord of Peace;

A few mistakes were made, less than perfect steps taken

Yet, love covers all

True fellowship on the invisible winds of friendship

Eternal union with the Savior.

What really matters to the Lord

What truly counts in all creation

Is to know the One who cares,

To know the One above all.

The flowers are still bright, aromatic and beautiful

Fruit nearby hangs heavy on the branches

Trees brilliant, stand tall

All colors surprise, sparkle in even more delight,

An overgrown child’s pleasure with eyes large and bright.

Messiah’s peace is thick with confidence

As thick and full as the Presence experienced

Balsam, myrrh and frankincense

Cinnamon mixed with mint,

Oils of rich fragrances, and drippings of honey;

The heart feasts in the streams of the long day

An exhilaration without words needed,

Love is all and in all

Heavenly Spirit winds from the God of Love

Full of melodies and aromas,

Colored waves of light and warmth easily felt

Transparent intimacy, as a new light of trust floods the being

A garden longed for, daily walks yearned for

When the Earth is one day made new.