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Destined for greater worth,

Yet, another one has fallen

Our hearts seem poured out

In a moment we each stand silent, alone,

Then lift up another priceless soul

And mourn for the loss

Another fallen soldier rises now in our hearts;

To stand strong with friends

To lift up one more

For most unknown, for some as a brother

Even as some “hired in the eleventh hour”,

We will stand strong together.


As one who has tasted

Drank from the bitter cup of warfare

Yet, new love is in the heart,

A purpose that burns

To go on in life as an example

A brightness of new purpose

Torch of our honor;

For a woman,

A man, and their courage

Ones who stood a test

Whose glowing torch we can hold high.


A strong voice that lives on

Echoes now within this soul,

I, too hold up this honor

To lift each valued soul;

In the rich mercy from Heaven

We will still walk the earth

To boldly carry their honor with meaning, their true worth

As our food of encouragement

With such courage led on

To steadfastly carry this honor, their lasting value

Their memory the rest of our days.