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The gnawing stress of confusion

Clouds of deceit that move across the troubled waters of nations

Endless battles within the human mind

A war for all ages

Struggle for eternity;

The weak and vulnerable

Like a child who often reaches out to know

Honestly seeks to discover

Each day to bask in new sunshine

To feel the pleasure of light rainfall upon the youthful body

Even as he stands high up on a hillside

Or she stands as well on a mountainside,

Refreshed, renewed in longing and desire

What the heart truly yearns for

To simply be at peace within and without

Both in small things and great things alike

A most beautiful dove-tail in existence;

Again, deepest desire stirs within

And then, in answers to distant prayers

As well as those close,

The love of others quietly expressed ,

The greatest mystery is shown

Clearly revealed at last, the Good Seed in the mind

Thoughts that flow up from the reborn spirit

New thoughts, unheard of thoughts

Pure and humble thoughts

As inner peace reigns from above,

Finally understood in powerful Scripture written

About the Cross and about “self”;

New strength and authority move within, flow out

All thoughts taken captive at last

And filtered by the Holy Spirit of Truth!

Eyes now see beyond the senses

Ears now hear with the human spirit within

As the soul now in submission

The body in control;

All conflicts in confusion destroyed,

War in the mind becomes victory from the heart

A new believer’s triumph

As Messiah’s peace at rest within

Sorts all things out and rules without end.