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A simple, honest man

In a “self” driven, confused and complex world;

He stands for simpler, clearer times

With a strong voice that speaks calmly

As a pleasant trumpet melody sounds out

Truth in a ready song of delight is easily heard

Ears open to the heart

Where peaceful meaning and lasting purpose rest,

Goodness within confirms the goodness shared

In a celebration of Truth that carries Eternal Life,

Wings cover the soul with divine warmth

A Heavenly warmth every soul needs,

What the human spirit hungers and thirst for

While the body glows from within,

Good light in the eyes that is real and lasting.

Love for God always first

Loyal, faithful love for the True Lord of Life

The One enthroned above all;

Shining golden keys seen that open one door, close another

Such confidence within the peaceful heart,

While this simple man walks his path

A woman also of faith in hand

A prophetess who understands, who loves first,

They share many moments of comfort and encouragement

Together worship their Holy God

Praise their Creator, Lord of power and authority,

Even He who forever walks with them,

For His Spirit of Truth lives peacefully in their hearts.