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Thickening clouds of deceit all about

In an atmosphere of lies,

Yet, a refreshing breath of Truth streams

Can always be found in a river of delight

Always close, near to dip your hand in for a drink

In the heavenly Spirit winds that move freely

On Earth,

Even in a human soul and spirit;

The gracious Gift from high above

Emmanuel of the Holiday Season,

The open Gate of the true Shepherd

Every day of every year.

As Truth is scoffed at

Mocked by Satan’s crowd of darkness,

God in Heaven looks down

He laughs at the arrogant foolishness

And the gullible herds,

Then an angel hurls hot coals upon the earth,

The world of fallen Lucifer and those who belong to it

Is crushed again by the heel;

Blood will flow outside of Jerusalem

As all are held accountable

Every man, every woman

Every wealthy idolater

Every lawless politician

Every greedy, stubborn child

Every spiritual rebel;

All will stand before the Throne of Justice,

Weighed in judgment.

The only mercy through the Cross

Already given,

Long ago on display outside the city gate

Shown to every generation,

Many with written Words

More with things clearly spoken,

Even shown brightly in the stars above;

In the silence of complete shame

Mankind, every man and woman, is exposed

Completely naked, without any excuse.