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We will sing again

“In the land of our pilgrimage”

Words of Truth, Words of power,

We will learn to sing again.

Oh, to carry a new song in our hearts

Songs of worship with beautiful melodies

Words with the fragrance of life

Melodies with the aroma of Messiah

All as we experience fully the Father’s touch

His work in our lives

Even Yeshua’s finished work of our salvation!

Prayerfully to be seen in so many others

The nations of the world,

And in the land of eternal foundations-

Israel, the land of Divine Destiny.

A multitude will come singing from Egypt

A great host roars also from the land of Syria and beyond,

Yes, we sing in the ancient languages

Worship in Spirit and Truth as commanded

Before our Father

Our Lord of Heaven and Earth

Glorious Lord of the Third Heaven;

Music flows before our Lord who shows us His Father,

Messiah Yeshua, Savior and King

The Firstborn Son, our salvation, our rescue sent by God.

So much more to know

An eternity to begin to understand

To fully awaken in resurrection to the greatness revealed

So much higher, beyond heaven and earth;

The wonderful day when Jerusalem rises higher then all mountains,

Shines brighter than all the cities of the world

Mount Zion of radiant glory!

The earth will shake, all falsehood cleansed

The people bow and tremble, all idolatry gone

As jubilation in songs thunder

Clouds of purest brightness about the earth

Endless new songs of praise for our King of all Jews

Israel’s King of Eternity

Our Holy Lord and our Loving King!