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A prisoner of the Lord

Fully in His love

His freedom and eternal peace

His goodness as brightest clothing

Whitest white draped and wrapped about

Etched in gold

Embroidered with pure silver

A single jewel in a crown of holiness joyfully worn.

As a clay chalice is lifted to the lips in humility

Eternal red wine is drank

The depth of covenant commitment is shown,

And the unbroken bond, the Church, the Body of Messiah

The miraculous “oneness”

Eternal union with our God is beautifully revealed,

The King of Jewish Israel

All true believers, true disciples of His Kingdom

Separated as “sheep from goats”

Embraced in the caring Father’s heart,

New mysteries as treasures discovered

An endless experience fully lived out

Tasted and clearly heard and seen,

Hand in hand, abundance from the place called “Heaven”

The Kingdom Throne of His love,

Eternal home of our love.