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The ocean waves faithfully wash the shorelines of nations

Beautiful to watch

Soothing and calming most often,

Then, suddenly a massive storm moves in

With towering, destructive waves

A new terror is unleashed upon the land.

Just and true, the hand of the Lord moves

In a human life

In the life of a nation, a culture

One group on Earth pitted against another

And both are destroyed.

A sharp sword is flashed in radiance

The nations are blinded

As their foolish hands grasp for power

And lust for control;

The Lord of Holiness looks from Heaven

In disgust at mankind’s selfishness,

Rises from His Throne

Speaks a few Words

And armies of powerful angels are unleashed,

Even Michael, Israel’s own

Who leads the great surge

As final justice is played out

Things written so long ago.

When the King of all takes His Throne once more,

The Lord of Hosts gathers His own

Children from every generation

The remnant of Israel, the remnant of mankind

Spread out before Him in splendor

As the most beautiful sunrise, triumph of a New Day;

Faithful ones

Redeemed loyal ones

Men and women, each as a Shepherd’s delight,

In the perfect eyes of love

Each person unique, held in special honor

Even as we stand before Him in worship,

His jeweled inheritance.