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Large fluffy clouds paint the blue sky

The comfort of surrounding love

Warmth as a smooth, soft blanket on top of cozy sheets,

In familiar assurance

What is real

And what should be true;

Everything and anything expected

Yet, always shielded by stable, ordinary change

No surprises to catch you off guard

Even while expecting the unexpected

Always ready in the Lord of Peace,

The bright flames of Divine Hope never put out!

Trust in God, the God of your life

Trust in greater power and authority

The One who made the eye so that we could see

Who created all we can behold

Who gives our spirit rebirth so that we can know

Even prayerfully touch His heart;

Ears to hear

Hands to touch

Emotions that begin to sense all greatness

Mind and soul to grasp the abundance our heart can seek

The search for discovery in treasures of mystery;

Those who love us and care

Those we can love and offer care

To help bring growth in quality of experience

Whether in the shelter of a nest

Or on the road

Or walking an unfamiliar street,

Endless trust in Divine guidance carries with Holy Spirit wings,

Many angels also guard our paths

The Family of God, His Church reaches very far and wide

Our Heavenly Home we can now taste and see;

Good will be worked out in our lives

Each step of your way

Our personal good will be worked out

As we continue to travel Home.