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Garden of my delight

Good seeds planted in abundance

Watered freely

Often each with a touch of love

Just as Living Water flows from the Great Throne

Tenderness, strength nurtured deeply within

Rises in our love shared as my arms and hands reach out to you,

Just as my heart radiates with care for you

To draw near, to embrace

To hold close;

The soil made so rich

Turned, stirred and fertilized with natural purity given from above

Ah, weather just ideal with sunshine and rich moisture

As the sun shines with a blanket of warmth

The light of the day stretches long into the brilliant sunset

A pleasant breeze soothes,

Then the rain falls from the generous sky

All in  melodic times

Like a special song from innocent youth remembered

Uplifting, caressing the soul and invigorating

Oh, the moments of refreshing honesty expressed,

The listening ears, the caring eyes, words of kindness spoken

Depth of Rock solid commitment

The true love that bonds,

Bodies and souls joined

While spirits soar together

The Winds of Heaven breathe life covering all

Even the nakedness of innocence,

In greater love from the God of Greatness

Poured out upon all the Earth,

Even upon all the willing of the world;

Poured out upon each of us because we know

Such gifts of lasting beauty

Such wonders of the Heavenly Kingdom

Fully made known to us in faithfulness

From the Majestic One

The King of Faithfulness now alive in us both;

Most radiant, beautiful fields of flowers spread out on all sides

Shapes and colors and sizes beyond human imagination

Most beautiful fruit displayed by the hand of our own Creator,

His delight, our Lord of the Harvest.