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If surface beauty enthralls

What of the beauty that moves out from the soul

Refreshes life all about,

Rises up and outwards from the spirit

Offers richness to the world;

If what can overwhelm, engulf the senses with appearance,

What of the true splendor of royal majesty

The King of Creation in His beauty revealed?

Our eyes capture images of mountains

Fields of California wildflowers near Yosemite,

Streams of water that become rivers

Displaying waterfalls of greatness

That finally rush into the waiting oceans of delight

Bodies of water with waves as hands

That calm and wash the shorelines of nations;

Evil stands and looks out from the same to destroy,

Good bows in gratitude to God for showering such beauty.

Truth always seen in lasting beauty

Beauty seen always in the Spirit of Eternal Truth,

In God’s sovereign timing

The beauty of a new child

The beauty of a flower blossom

The wonder of a woman’s beauty

Glowing eyes of enlightenment

Even an elderly woman resting in confidence,

Or the radiant eyes of spirit rebirth

In a young beautiful woman who walks in Yeshua’s peace

Fearless in Divine Wisdom

Strength in complete freedom.