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Walking in faithfulness

Like the Master

Guided from above

Spirit led,

In the circumstances of life

Overflowing with Divine purpose

“Meaning” that anchors each day

Carries often with angelic wings and swords drawn

Soars through the common earthly ways

Even through daily difficulties

Conflicts and challenges,

Tensions and stresses all too common to this place

And to all people.

When you hold the Savior’s hand

You walk with His Peace indwelling

A stream of pure living waters flows

A greater knowledge wells up

It enlarges the heart

Enlarges your footsteps of our faith

The Heavenly Gift in powerful actions

Yes, even prayer as the most “practical work”

Ready on tiptoes

Fingertips move mountains

Shake the valleys

Straighten the crooked things

Smooth the rough roads,

All that Prophet Isaiah did and wrote

Lived out in his amazing life

With a “glory cloud” all about,

A servant of servants

Chapter 53 written on his own heart,

On display for all souls then and now

His obedient prophecy for all times,

Even our own, today!