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Two are better than one

In the warmth of friendship

Hands held tightly in comfort

Assurance as hearts drawn together

Close in understanding

Closer in sharing and caring;

Each held above the other

As love supports,

Even while the tent of the Lord covers

Spread gently over and around

Such beauty of Truth glows brightly

In Zion, the wonder of new  life together;

A comforting Presence anchored in Hope

Love proven true and faithful

When steps in honesty are taken one after another

Up one mountain  of trial

Then down another in confidence

The test of humility through the thick forest,

Along a river’s mystique

And into and out of elegant valleys;

Landscape lush or landscape sparse

Sands of the many seashores

Sand of a desert trek

Pleasant sun or scorching heat,

Two are always better than one.

Loneliness flees away

Weakness and vulnerability calmed and quieted,

Abundance chases all “nothingness” into intellectual abstractions

Assurance peacefully prevails with strength

Reassurance towers high above

As we both move forward, together in life,

Always forward in covenant love

Pressing on hand in hand, closer to the Lord.