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Spirit walk, to keep in step,

We see the finish line revealed before us

In the race of true peace we run

Grace the holy Gift that carries

Swift Spirit wings of our Father given

Footsteps of the Great Shepherd clearly before our eyes;

Loud commands, gentle whispers within our inner ear

Ancient translations to read

To daily feed upon simple, pure Bread

Drinks of worship to follow,

The discerned plan of sensitivity and obedience made into a pure, clear stream

Living water, the Way of Heaven, a glowing silver cord

In sublime honesty to always honor the One above all

The Lamb who is worthy to be praised

The purest religion of worship our souls created for

To always love the other first

In prayer brothers and sisters above ourselves,

Covenant love that escapes the sting of the first body death,

Then escapes the second spirit death;

A powerful eagle that soars

Even a tiny bird that flies tirelessly along,

Away from the “lake of fire” that now waits for judgment’s final call!