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The Shepherd’s power woven within authority

In the pure flame of Divine zeal

Holy fire of the God of Love;

Nothing is hidden from the sight of the Lord

Every thought, every action

All details of infinity seen and remembered,

Then, in foreknowledge, Justice stands to consume

Thunderous winds roar about the Throne

As coals of fire are flung by angels to the Earth,

Mountains melt

The entire Earth shakes

Every creature trembles!

God stands in judgment

The King who came once in the humility of peace

Carries a sharp sword now as Judge.

Most powerful Words spoken

Echo forever throughout the Universe

They enclose His sheep

Protect His own with arms outstretched

These ones now rest in eternity beyond any threat

Even in our bodies enclosed behind

And in front

Hand of the Lord gently upon our spirits.

The enemy often comes near to us

But only sees “the lake of fire” that waits for him

And for all his many slaves like-minded!

More than a wall of fire,

The fire in Messiah’s eyes

The fire in Yeshua’s Words

The fire in zeal for His own who He loves;

The fire in His gaze devours His enemies

Then settles calmly upon His Kingdom children,

Eyes of blazing fire.