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The beauty of youth glows

Zeal in brightest eyes

Eager to reach out for favor

For acknowledgement and success

Just to love and be loved,

Or some for attention and fame and wealth.

A woman seemingly fresh from childhood

Held once as a baby,

The same hands guided her first footsteps

Then, on she ran to physical and emotional maturity;

But then, some  offered themselves as a bold step into artificial light.

Modeling photographs, videos, movies and worse

Prostituting her outward beauty in shame

Even promoted as art;

A tragedy for parents

Sadness for true siblings.

Yet, how can these few turn back

After taking the cold hand

Embracing the coldest heart,

To become a willing tool

As a shining, shooting star quickly to fade.

The flesh grows older

And the luster lifts like morning dew in the hot sun,

Still the hand of her Maker remains held out

Freedom the gift that patiently waits

True beauty from Heaven the lasting prize,

Eyes filled with Holy Spirit brightness

Innocence restored that sees the King

The One who highly values each of us,

The King in His beauty now before her

With kindness and mercy that washes, cleanses

And clothes with purest whiteness.

A young child gives a bouquet of dandelions to her mommy,

A Kingdom child in radiance picks flowers of delight

From a vast garden of brilliant, living colors

To give to honor her Lord!