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This very day

In whatever is done

They step forward in love

Grow powerfully with integrity

Honesty a clean robe worn daily

Step by step, moment by moment

Inner knowledge of the Kingdom

With inner Spirit knowledge of the King.

The Faithful One who alone paid the price

Gave all He was and is for us

For His Father’s honor,

The God who is Love

God above all deception

Above the Universe, dwelling in the Third Heaven

Enthroned in Glory,

“Above all things” as sung by too few

Understood by the few who bow in humility,

Bodies and souls covered by wisdom in revelation.

We now walk the “Shepherd’s walk” to honor

Hand in hand

Brothers and sisters shoulder to shoulder

Young and old all as Kingdom children

Who can see and hear

With ears opened to hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit

With eyes to see the High Priest at our side,

Always at His Father’s side;

“Truth spoken in time a ready kiss on the lips”

In greatest friendship

Greatest honor brought before the Majestic Throne

As our constant act of sacrifice,

Our bodies of beauty and strength as vessels of Truth

Holiness openly shown to the world.